What We Improve:

 Linear Speed  -  Coordination -  Injury Prevention

Team Building  -  Power -  Physical Preparedness/ Resiliency

Multi-Directional Agility  -  Conditioning/ Energy System Development  -  Explosiveness


How We Do It:

Single Session/ Team Training

  • Each session prescribed and each program designed is centered Solely around the requirements and demands of the specific sport being trained for. We train men's and women's teams of all ages ranging from youth to college.

  • A comprehensive and developmentally appropriate program will be designed to meet the specific needs of your team based on their sport, age, experience level and training goals

  • Class size is 13-24 athletes (additional charge/ session for each additional athlete: maximum 30 athletes)

  • A Team Diet Plan including nutritional information and examples of pre and post-game snacks and meals will be provided

  • Pre and Post Testing to monitor progress and display improvements

  • Sessions can be held at the Pulse training facility, or at your home field, court or training facility (10% discount if at home facility)


Team Training Camps (1-2 weeks) 

  • Intense training sessions will be designed and delivered by Pulse strength coaches

  • Waste less time conditioning prior to the season’s first contest and focus more on skill development and team concepts

  • Pre-Season and try-outs