Do I need a contract?
Nope. We want you to come in and give it a try and see if it’s for you. Our memberships are all on a monthly basis.


Do you have discounts?
No. We want to provide the best service possible, offer the best equipment, and keep the best coaches. Discounts don’t allow that and we know everyone wants quality first when it comes to their health. Discounts would make us have to try and cut corners, so in good conscience we can’t do that to your health and well being.


Will I like group classes? 
We don’t know, everyone is different. Many of our members ONLY do Personal Training, some do a combination of both, BUT our group classes are extremely motivating and there is an indefinable magic that emerges when people are pulling for each other in class. The magic comes from the mixture of competition and team work, which will drive you to personal performance you never dreamed was possible, and from the support of your classmates, which make the workouts fun and even inspiring.

You’ll love it more than any other kind of working out you’ve done before and it will do more for your strength, fitness, ability to lose weight, and confidence than any other workout you’ve done before. We base this wild claim on having watched hundreds of people work out here, love it, and get results they can brag about.


Do I need to be in shape first?

No, No, No, No. This is the most common misconception! All of our workouts can be scaled and modified to accommodate whatever level of fitness you’re at now. Pulse is for the super fit who want to take it up a notch AND for the person who’s lifted nothing but paperclips for the last ten years. The tools for both sorts of people are built right into our training method.

Don’t decide you have to get in shape first to come here to get in shape. That’s a recipe for never starting. We work with all kinds of people in all kinds of shape, which is an enormous source of pride for us.


The fine print

You are required to give a 15-day notice to cancel a membership with no exception. You cannot put a hold on your membership. Think of it as putting your cable or cell phone bill on hold because you can’t use it for 2 weeks. Coaches are available for personal training. You do not need to be a member. Monthly memberships auto-renew, but again, you can cancel at any time.