What We Improve:                                                                

            Muscle Tone - Fat Loss - Cardiovascular Health                                          

          Body Composition - Flexibility/ Mobility - Muscle Tone                                          

           Hormonal Health - Posture - Aerobic Capacity                                                                



How We Do It:

A variety of unique cardiovascular exercises are incorporated In these 30-minute classes such as tire flipping, battle ropes, box jumps, sprints, rowing ergometer intervals, punching bag work, sled drills, and much more ran at an intense and effective pace. This innovative conditioning program is second-to-none. You will get you the results you seek!


   When We Do This:

  Monday,  Wednesday, & Friday: 

 7:00pm - 7:30pm


2x/Week                Unlimited

                                                    One Month                $80                         $100