The Spark                                                                                    The Live Wire        

                                              4 Session Package (1x/ week)                                                                       8 Session Package (2x/ Week)

                      Already making great strides in your current workouts?                          Our most popular package, The Live Wire provides                                                                    The Spark is a great option to speed results!                              the supervision and motivation most of our clients crave! 

                                                              1-On-1: $260                                                                                                         1-on-1: $480                                                                                                                                    Partner: $180 each                                                                                                 Partner: $340 each                                                                


                                                     The Fireball                                                                     The Dynamo 

                                              12 Session Package (3x/ Week)                                                                16 Session Package (4x/ Week)   

                                     Want to truly maximize progress?                                                     Feeling dedicated and determined?                                                                                           The Fireball is the perfect option!                                      Take advantage of our most robust coaching option!

                                                               1-on-1: $660                                                                                                       1-on-1: $800                                                                                                                                               Partner: $460 each                                                                                            Partner: $600 each


What Our Clients Say:

  • "Amazing trainers - changed my life! No more pain from bulging L4/L5 discs...losing inches and getting stronger every week as an added bonus!" - Patrice F.

  • "The guys who run Pulse are top notch. I have been going to Pulse for almost a year now and feel a million times better because of it. You can tell that they put alot of thought into your specific needs and plan around those! Here is to another year ahead of great strides."  - Mike J.

  • When I started going to Pulse, I thought I knew how to work out and my intent was to get a refresher for a couple months. After the first month, I realized I did not know how to work out and was potentially causing myself damage. Being 41 at the time, I realized I needed someone who understood my strengths and weaknesses and could balance that. The instruction I have received, the guidance on proper form and the constant encouragement have been a staple in my life for 3 years now. I have never felt stronger or had more self-confidence or have been healthier in my life due to the training and nutritional advice I have been given. I feel great, my lifting goals have almost doubled in the safest way possible due to the explanations by the well trained and professional staff. I believe in what the Pulse team is doing and how they are doing it and feel fortunate to be part of the Pulse clientele. - Bill T.

  • "Five star plus....! (He is) good at what he does... He actually makes working out fun and interesting, and gets your body in mean shape in the process." - Eden W.