Pulse Performance Training is a destination designed for you to succeed. Here a group of New Lenox-area powerlifters train with first-rate equipment following the Conjugate Method under the guidance of Westside Certified Strength Coach and nationally ranked pro powerlifter Ed Knoblock (1,965lb total @ 239lbs).

Whether you are just starting out, a highly competitive lifter, or simply want to be trained by one of the most passionate and committed coaches in the area, then the Pulse Army is where you belong.

Classes include technical instruction on the squat, bench, and deadlift as well as complimentary 4-6x/week programming.


Join us for a workout and see what it’s like to be in the Army:

Training Schedule: Weekdays 7:30-9pm, Saturday 10:30am-Noon

Monday: Max Effort Lower
Tuesday: Extra/GPP
Wednesday: Max Effort Upper
Thursday: Extra/GPP
Friday: Dynamic Effort Lower
Saturday: Dynamic Effort Upper


One Month Unlimited



Want to train with Pulse Army but don’t live in the New Lenox area? Train with us online!

Pulse Army is unlike any powerlifting fitness program you’ve ever been a part of. You’re plugging into a group of like-minded athletes, connecting online through social media, sharing your progress, picking each others’ brains, and training with Ed.

Ready to find out more? Contact us at to get started!