Our membership terms and conditions have been established to ensure our members are aware of their rights and responsibilities as a member of our facility. On acceptance by PULSE of this agreement you will be referred to as the “member” and have the usage rights and obligations as detailed below.


1) Monthly Membership Contracts

All membership dues are non-refundable, paid in advance of service, and automatically renewed at the end of each 1-month (4 week) term. Automatic payments are required for all memberships.
Private and Partner Personal Training packages carry a 60-day expiration date

2) Cancellation Rights

All sessions booked require 24 hours notice from the member for cancellation to avoid penalty. If a session is cancelled with less than 24 hours notice the full amount of that session will be charged to the member.  All monthly memberships require a Cancellation Form to be completed 15 days prior to cancellation. If a membership is cancelled with less than 15 days notice the full amount of the following month will be charged to the member. Cancelled memberships will not be prorated. There are no refunds or transfers on unused portions of the membership.

3) Fees

There will be a $25 NSF / Decline charge billed to the member should their payment method not be approved. This charge will be billed each time the payment is attempted.

4) Member Enjoyment

All members of Pulse Performance Training deserve an uninterrupted enjoyment experience. To protect this enjoyment we have a no solicitation policy to ensure our members are not being solicited products by other members. Pulse is a no solicitation zone. We don’t want anyone to feel pressure or weird about being pitched something in what should be his or her training sanctuary.  Please speak to one of the Pulse staff if you have a product that you would like to discuss with us to see if it would be of interest for the gym.

5) Respect

The Pulse Performance Training team has worked extremely hard to provide the members the best training facility they can, and as a result we expect the members to treat the equipment with respect as well as the coaching staff and all of the members. We understand that equipment has a natural life cycle, and will receive wear and tear over the course of being used, but abuse of the equipment (including but not limited to the terms outlined in the code of conduct section below) that causes damage to the equipment or the facility in any way will be assessed at replacement value and the cost passed onto the member who caused it. Be respectful of time. Everyone has busy lives; please do not make a habit of showing up late to the class time. It is recommended to show up 10 minutes before class time to warm up and stretch.

6) Code Of Conduct
You are at the center of what we do. Your experience at Pulse is very important. To keep things simple for you, we ask that you: 
•    Arrive on time for your appointments (it's YOUR time we're talking about, after all.) 
•    Do not drop an empty or loaded barbell.
•    Collars must be used on barbells at all times.
•    Do not drop the end of an empty barbell while stripping weight off of barbell.
•    Do not drop a dumbbell or kettlebell from above the knee
•    Do not allow a barbell to be thrown in a way that could be damaging to another person or the space.
•    Be clean! Clean up your area, wipe down any blood or sweat that you leave and put your equipment back neatly and in clean condition immediately after use.
•    Be nice to everyone else in the gym (you can still be mean to us. That's fine.)


7) Services

Please be courteous to fellow members who may also want to use the lockers or storage area. Members must remove all personal belongings from the gym upon completion of their training session. Pulse Performance Training encourages EFT payments, but also accepts VISA, Mastercard, American Express, and cash. Members must ALWAYS have a valid payment method on file at Pulse Performance Training to facilitate membership charges and applicable charges to the members account.

8) Photos & Likeness

Pulse Performance Training will often take photos and video of it’s members during workouts or special events, and may choose to post the photos on the website or social media sites. The member agrees that his or her imagery and likeness are approved for Pulse Performance Training to use for any purpose pertaining to the general nature of the industry. There is no compensation for any imagery or likeness used in any form whether promotional or commercial.

9) Membership Term

  • I agree that I will maintain membership and pay the dues specified in my signed membership agreement.

  • I agree that I will be liable for dues for the entire Term of this agreement specified in my signed membership agreement in the amounts as stated herein regardless of usage or any change of circumstance.

  • I agree that my membership benefits are exclusive to me and are in no way transferable to anyone else.

  • I will comply with all the rules and regulations of Pulse Performance Training.

  • I hereby agree that if Pulse Performance Training is unable to process my payment from the designated account provided by me, they are permitted to use any of the other accounts information provided as many times and as often as needed to replace the unpaid payments and service charges as explained in this agreement.

  • In addition to any rights and remedies it may otherwise have, Pulse Performance Training may terminate this Agreement at anytime with written notice to me if I fail to comply with my obligations under this Agreement and do not cure any such failure within seven days after receiving notice of such failure.

  • Failure to attend any sessions does not relieve me of the obligation to pay the full tuition for the program or phase in which I am currently enrolled.

  • I confirm that the provisions in this Agreement constitute the entire agreement between the parties hereto and supersede all prior communications, proposals, representations and agreements, whether oral or written with respect to the subject matter of this Agreement.

10) Legal

The members signature on this membership agreement allows Pulse Performance Training to charge the payment method (credit card or EFT submitted by the member) for any dues owed under this contract, and states that the member agrees to the terms and conditions of the membership. Members must abide by these terms and conditions, which may be updated from time to time and it is the responsibility of the member to stay up to date on the terms. The members signature on this membership agreement allows Pulse Performance Training to update the GENERAL TERMS AND CONDITIONS 1-10 of this agreement.

This membership agreement is executed in conjunction with the Waiver that is required to be completed and signed before joining Pulse Performance Training.