Adult Testimonials

"The guys who run Pulse are top notch. I have been going to Pulse for almost a year now and feel a million times better because of it. You can tell that they put alot of thought into your specific needs and plan around those! Here is to another year ahead of great strides."  - Mike J.

"Amazing trainers - changed my life! No more pain from bulging L4/L5 discs...losing inches and getting stronger every week as an added bonus!" - Patrice F.

"When I started going to Pulse, I thought I knew how to work out and my intent was to get a refresher for a couple months. After the first month, I realized I did not know how to work out and was potentially causing myself damage. Being 41 at the time, I realized I needed someone who understood my strengths and weaknesses and could balance that. The instruction I have received, the guidance on proper form and the constant encouragement have been a staple in my life for 3 years now. I have never felt stronger or had more self-confidence or have been healthier in my life due to the training and nutritional advice I have been given. I feel great, my lifting goals have almost doubled in the safest way possible due to the explanations by the well trained and professional staff. I believe in what the Pulse team is doing and how they are doing it and feel fortunate to be part of the Pulse clientele." - Bill T.

"Five star plus....! (He is) good at what he does... He actually makes working out fun and interesting, and gets your body in mean shape in the process." - Eden W.

Athlete Testimonials

"My son has been going there for 3 months following surgery to reconstruct his ACL. Within a very short period of time, he was able to compete in a game without his brace because of the workouts designed for his recovery. his gains are solid and he loves the trainers. He has had triple the success after just 3 months at Pulse than he had in over a year at the other performance training place. Definitely recommend these guys." - Judi K.

"I brought my son in at 7 years old and the trainers know exactly what a young athlete needs to improve without over training at a young age. In just one seasons time his football coaches and baseball coaches were questioning what he was doing in the offseason to make such improvements. Training with the best around!!! Thanks Pulse Training Systems for taking great care with my young athlete!" - Bridget G.

"My two sons, Zack 15 & Vinnie 13 have been going to Pulse since the beginning of the year. They absolutely love going and we can already see the improvement in them both physically as well as mentally. The trainers are professional and encouraging. Ed has a great facility with new equipment and awesome trainers. We've been to other places for strength & conditioning and Pulse is by far the best around. My kids would definitely recommend this place to anyone that wants to get in shape and improve themselves. " - Joe L.

"Definitely missing this while away from New Lenox! Pulse has proven to be the most effective and efficient gym I've gone to. During my month back home, they were able to help me improve in every aspect and work around my knee injury. (They) have knowledge about their workouts and every body movement. They make the workouts fun and enjoyable (which is generally difficult to do). Most of my siblings go here as well and they have improved their coordination, agility, and strength. Not only have they helped them in the physical aspect, they have managed to make this environment safe and friendly where everyone (no matter the age) feels comfortable, welcome, and capable. Amazing to see what these two guys help people accomplish in short times! Can't wait to return!" - Paige D.