Few trainers have the level of experience and relatability with their clients and athletes as the Pulse team. Our staff possess unsurpassed knowledge of sports performance, personal training, nutrition, and overall physical development. We have the most efficient and effective tools possible, combined with an unrelenting passion, you will become the best version of yourself


Ed Knoblock

Ed Knoblock is a Certified Special Strengths Coach through world renowned Westside Barbell, holding a Bachelor of Science degree from Northern Michigan University (Marquette, MI) and currently a professional and nationally ranked powerlifter.

Coach K has a dynamic, results-oriented approach to training and program design by utilizing the Russian Conjugate Method, grounded in the fundamental principles of physics, mathematics, and bio-mechanics. Ed's ability to relate closely to Pulse’s student athletes, aspiring professional athletes, and experienced professionals, dates back to his collegiate football experience where he had a successful and decorated career - but also a couple derailments.

Early into his senior year, Ed suffered a season ending knee injury (a torn meniscus and partially, ~50%, torn ACL) and was granted a medical redshirt by the NCAA. This event gifted Ed a perspective on physical preparation that only an athlete suffering from a major injury can have. He proceeded to meet with athletic trainers, doctors, and physical therapists, which ultimately led to the decision of opting out of surgery. He made the decision to play with half an ACL in his right leg was made, and along with the decision to construct and take himself through the rehabilitation process on his own. Through vigorous research and application, this process proved successful as he tested well in front of NFL scouts that winter. He also returned the following season at full capacity, leading his team in tackles.

This path took another turn - in the second quarter of his final game he was blocked below the waist, rupturing what was left of his damaged ACL. This detoured his plans of preparing to play football at the next level into a plan of relentless education. Consulting with the top professionals in this field, Coach K's passion for making himself the best athlete possible transformed seamlessly into making the next generation of athletes reach their full potential. Both the pitfalls and successes he experienced were studied and compiled - and thus, in March of 2014, Pulse Performance Training was born to serve the performance community with passion and integrity.


Personal Accolades

  • 1st Place & Best Lifter 2016 UPA Relentless Detroit

  • 2nd Place 2016 USPA Chicago Fit Expo

  • 4th Place 2016 Arnold Classic XPC Finals

  • Current Holder of APF National Deadlift/Illinois Bench, Squat, Deadlift, & Total Records

  • 1st Place 2015 APF Illinois Raw Powerlifting Challenge

  • 1st Place 2015 Detroit Barbell UPA Summer Bash Powerlifting Meet

  • 1st Place 2015 RPS Summer Slam Powerlifting Meet

  • 2nd Place 2014 UPA Illinois State Powerlifting Championship

  • Pro Level and Nationally Ranked Powerlifter

  • NMU Team Records in 40yd Dash, 225lb Bench, Vertical, Squat, Powerclean, & Shuttle

  • Current Record Holder for Most Interceptions in a Single Game (3)

  • 2010 Most Valuable Player

  • 2010 GLIAC 1st Team All-Conference

  • 2010 Northern Michigan University Male Athlete of the Year


Blake Anders

Blake Anders is a Physical Preparation Coach with wide range of experience in strength & conditioning, and coaching realm as well. He graduated cum laude from Ball State University (Muncie, IN) holding a pre-professional degree in Exercise Science. Also, with a concentration in Physical Therapy, he has numerous observation hours in outpatient clinics, home health, and performance therapy.

During his college football career, Blake has played wide receiver, defensive back, and special teams at nearly every level of competition, ranging from Olivet Nazarene University (Bourbonnais, IL –NAIA), to Benedictine University (Lisle, IL – Div. III), and finally Ball State University (Muncie, IN –Div. I). 

Blake comes to Pulse from one of the top human performance companies in the industry known as EXOS (formerly Athlete’s Performance) in Dallas, Texas. There he became a certified Performance Specialist while training secret service agents, top college athletes preparing for the NFL combine, current and former NFL athletes such as Andy Dalton (CIN), Tyler Eifert (CIN), Ryan Mallet (BAL), and many more.

During the fall months, Blake is an assistant football coach at Lincoln Way East High School in Frankfort, IL. He coaches the sophomore level running backs and wide receivers. He also plays a large role in the team’s strength & conditioning program.


Notable NFL Athletes that Blake has worked with:

  • Andy Dalton (CIN)

  • Tyler Eifert (CIN)

  • Ryan Mallet (BAL)

  • Ron Leary (DEN)

  • Luke Joeckel (SEA)

  • Lucky Whitehead (NYJ)

  • Ryan Switzer (PIT)

  • Trent Taylor (SF)

  • George Kittle (SF)

  • Seneca Wallace (GB, CLE, SEA)

  • Henry Melton (CHI)

  • And many more!


Rich Bihl

Rich Bihl is a dedicated strength and nutrition coach from Chicago IL. Bihl and his family moved from the city to the south suburbs in the spring of 2018. Coach Rich spent the previous 10 years training out of Redefined Fitness in Wilmette, IL.

Rich loves coaching. He loves that he gets to work with such a wide variety of clientele on a daily basis. Rich loves getting people stronger and helping them buy into the mentality of setting performance based goals (whether that’s hitting a 2-3x bodyweight deadlift or helping a female client perform her first, strict un-assisted chin-up).

Coach Rich feels it’s important to take everyone’s training history, experience, and personal goals/needs into consideration. As much as he loves lifting heavy things, he understands (and respects) that not everyone cares about how much they can squat or bench press. Moreover, it’s crucial to take into consideration one’s current status and unique injury history. Being able to assess one’s movement quality and to ascertain what’s the best approach to get them from Point A to Point B in as time efficient and as safe of a manner as possible is kind of important.

What works for one person won’t necessarily work for the next. Which is why, as a coach, Rich feels it’s important to not only talk the talk, but walk it as well.  Rich has been coaching for over a decade now, amassing thousands of client contact hours (in a non-creepy way), helping hundreds of people feel better, performance better, and live better lives.



  • Bradley University, Peoria, IL — 2007, BS - Health Science


  • AFAA - Certified Personal Trainer 2007

  • CSCS - Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist 2008

  • GIFT (Gray Institute for Functional Transformation) - Fellow of Applied Functional Science 2010

  • EXOS - Performance Specialist 2016

  • Titalist - Golf Performance Specialist 2017

  • Precision Nutrition - Level 1 2018