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Pulse provides personal training in New Lenox, helping you build habits you’ll keep for life.  After all, becoming a different person means doing things with which you may not be comfortable at first. A great personal trainer is part coach, part cheerleader, part kinesiologist, part physicist, and part fan.

We’d like to think we know more about building habits and creating workouts you’ll love than anyone else – we’ve helped hundreds of clients achieve their goals. 

These days, we find ourselves doing a lot of things that others won’t and we keep pushing ourselves to find new techniques for our clients.  We’re comfortable being uncomfortable.  Even our personal trainers coach and train each other.  Everyone needs a coach!

The key to the perfection of technique and effective scaling of workouts is the Coach. Pulse Trainers are the best in New Lenox; all hold a minimum 4-year degree and advanced certifications. More importantly: they love coaching.  They love helping people progress.  If they won the big lotto jackpot tonight, they’d all be here tomorrow, doing this for free.


5, 10, and 20 Session Packages Available
Choose from 30-Min or 60-Min Sessions



Our Personal Training programs are created specifically based on your needs, fitness level, health, and pre-existing injuries. Personal training is recommended if you have been sedentary for a long period of time, are training for a specific sport or event, have significant health/orthopedic limitations or just prefer the additional instruction and accountability that comes with having a trainer meet with you. We offer several different personal training packages based on the length of time and number of days per week you are willing to commit to our program. 

Please send us a message by completing the form below and schedule a consultation. We’d love to get to know you and then you can choose the package that best meets your needs!

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